A Sensual Themed Experience - Tantra Massage

We all know that massage is an oldest form of "hands on" treatment, where the therapist used various strokes, press and kneads to several parts of the body, to relieve pain and stimulates the overall body wellness. You can find many types of massage techniques that work on various parts of the body in different parts of the world. However some of the massage techniques are common and are generally used by most therapists; they are Ayurvedic Massage, Rolfing, Sensual Themed Massage, Remedial Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage etc.

Among these massages, sensual themed massage is used to build in intimacy and closeness between receiver and giver. The intimacy is brought in by touching and pressing gently over the muscles by the giver. By the end of the massage, both receiver and giver will feel calm and more comfortable with each other. This massage is also specially designed to enhance physical health and thereby live a healthier sexual life.

Some of the other benefits from sensual themed massage are shown below

1). It is a most effective anti anxiety treatment in the world.
2). Improves the flexibility of physical body.
3). Improves mental clarity receiver’s brain.
4). Improves the glow of the skin.
5). Improves social interactions of both giver and receiver.
6). Improves relationships.
7). It helps in detoxification of whole body.
8). Enhances blood circulation to heart and other organs.

Tantra massage is one of the most commonly used techniques for sensual themed massage

Tantra Massage originated from India, mainly focuses on the important points found on the body to evoke sensual pleasure. Various types of strokes and pressures are used to stimulate the points. This massage is also given to various parts of the body like genital regions, upper thigh, hips, lower abdomen etc.

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