Client Testimonials for the Year 2010

Updated Testimonials - November 2010

Hey Joshua, I am back in Singapore. I learned a lot from Lela of what to do to fully enjoy the massage. She was patient to answer my question even though I understand that it’s not advisable to talk during massage.

Updated Testimonials - October 2010

I just wanted to say again what a superb four hands massage last night.

It felt nourishing, relaxing and wholesome! Hugely sensual in the purest spiritual sense of that word and at the same time sexy and earthy. Sexy Carol with Earthy Laura.

A great combination that ticked all my boxes and far exceeded my expectations based on previous experience as I told you over the phone.

It helps that they are good looking but of course in that itself would not guarantee the sense of warmth and afterglow which came from their sincere and respectful approach.

Just a short word of thanks. The therapist recommended yesterday was great. It did made an impact on me.

You are far too modest regarding your therapists’ skills. Today was truly amazing and so unrushed which was a refreshing change. Kimberly certainly know how to turn a simple tantra massage into a something really special and her client focus is spot on. Thanks so much and so look forward to using your company service again. Hopefully not to long.

Updated Testimonials - September 2010

Joshua, Thank you for a wonderful massage yesterday by your recommended therapist. It's so difficult to find someone who does what they say. I'll be sure to be in touch in the near future!

Melissa healing/massage are amazing. 3 full hectic days of walking around Singapore during F1 makes me exhausted, yet I am feeling floating light every night after meeting her.

Updated Testimonials - August 2010

Can you pass a message to Jolin that I had the best night's sleep that’s missing for quite a while!! Now I can focus clearer during meeting with calm and positive attitude. Lianne

Updated Testimonials - July 2010

I was really nervous, as I have never had a tantra massage before. Jamie really put me at ease thank you. It was a truly amazing experience. She had a wonderful touch and I felt safe and wonderful in her company. I now wish I had not taken so long to book up a tantra massage, it is brilliant.

Updated Testimonials - June 2010

A massage from Yara is an experience worth having. Not your usual massage but a much more tantalizing (should be tantra?) experience. You need to tune in to what she tells you about the physical nature of a Tantra Massage and you need to work with her to attain the Desired Outcome. The result is a different way to an understood end, and she is not shy to talk about it in a lucid and honest way. Afterwards I was, yes, physically drained but definitely satisfied. Value for money - yes. My session was by way of a trial run and I know I shall return for her. You let me know if you need any more feedback.

A thousand thanks to Samantha for an absolutely remarkable evening! Good recommendation! Any man who doesn't melt in this lady's hands must learn to relax, seek medical attention or stop worrying about their staying power.

"What an unforgettable experience” - Lela is such a superb masseuse and so friendly and easy to be with. If you get the chance to spend time with this lady, consider yourself lucky, she deserves all her accolades.

Updated Testimonials - May 2010

I had a lovely time with Helena, the massage was very erotic. Her wonderful hands went all over my body and lightly touched my genitals. It was also very exiting as she gently let her body touch my body. I wanted to touch them because they looked beautiful. The final part was fantastic as I release from all my accumulated stress. It was wonderful.

Updated Testimonials - April 2010

Thanks for a very relaxed afternoon. Anyone who is given time with this fine lady Lily will definitely feel relaxed and this attentive sensual lady will make them feel 10 years younger. LoL

Updated Testimonials - March 2010

Hi Joshua, Jamie is a very skillful lady, and the whole experience was enhanced by her friendly nature. Letting her handle my body in such an intimate way is a very odd experience, but she justified in the way she performed. Alek

Updated Testimonials - January 2010

thank you, thank you, thank you for the nice massage by Rashida. A feedback is that your company should be hiring more experience female Tantra therapists. Early reservation is always needed. I hope there will be more therapists to go around . . .

I am very much interested in the healing nature of massage in both erotic and non-erotic and I was very taken and moved by the service experience. I mentioned to my partner that it was the very first time; I had felt eroticism could be used as a healing tool, not just as pleasure. I also felt immediately how a lifetime of programmed autoeroticism with porn, fetishes etc (although I still feel they have their place) was almost at once replaced by the sacred ceremony of the Tantric massage. Leading me to feel that I should have explored this more in detail earlier in my life as it would do nothing but heighten my understanding of erotic experience in a different point of view.

An exploration and purposeful expansion in the use of sexual energy, that is on an entirely different plane from anything in the past. The level of intimacy that I have experienced with the therapist surpasses the sexual. I really felt a communal sharing with Aida in an indescribable feeling. I will use your service again. Recommend someone new the next time.

My experience has been equally uplifting but for different reasons. I have been struggling with low sex drive and my wife suffers. With Amelia’s techniques, it increase my internal temperature, gets me out of my head and allows love back in, which makes my body more receptive to pleasure. I didn’t think I could really get back in “the mood” again!