Client Testimonials for the Year 2011

Updated Testimonials - December 2011

Good treat for corporate clients visiting Singapore, a relaxing option suitable for all.

Thank u for making my 1st tantric (real) relaxing massage & wonderful experience. Really felt chemistry worked with Joli.

Updated Testimonials - November 2011

This is a good massage for those who are going to have a long flight. I agreed with what you said. I actually slept on the flight back London.

Last night was the first time in a long while that I went to bed early and slept mostly well, this is great for me as I'm an insomniac.

The massage is good. It is what I want.

Chrisco is talented with her hands. She got such a small hands yet I felt so complete.

Just wanted to say quickly a huge thank you for a truly amazing experience last night- I think I actually flew back to Heathrow! My body won’t stop saying thank you to me! Ha! Amazing! Also, I slept for 11hrs!!!

Updated Testimonials - October 2011

Joshua, just a few words to say how much I enjoyed the time with your therapist’s massage (I am not just referring to the erotic part). Scarlett left me feeling extra strong and with a more belief that I can achieve more in men ego.

Updated Testimonials - September 2011

My session with Azura was absolutely delightful. She sure has the touch! She is very intuitive and has great technique. The build up was phenomenal. I felt very relaxed and rejuvenated.

The moment in Clara’s company was extremely pleasant, and I really enjoyed her wonderful personality. I wish to thank her again for the wonderful massage. I have never felt so totally rejuvenated and energetic!

I have been cornered both physically and mentally to a wonderful sensuous experience that I’ve never been before! This is great for the male species.

The experience was certainly different from the normal massage, but one that was not to be missed.

Updated Testimonials - August 2011

It’s really something that will blow me away. I give myself slowly up and allow my entire body to feel the experience. As Nurul describes it, the whole body becomes an erogenous zone. And it is not simply sexual. This is the thing. It is more, much more than that – it is a full body experience. You feel the sexual energy all throughout the body. If you can be receptive to the massage then, pleasures beyond the imagination awaits.”

Updated Testimonials - July 2011

Thanks so much making the arrangement yesterday. It was given on such a short notice that I thought it would not happen. The in room experience was quite remarkable. I discovered things about myself which I had not previously imagined – absolutely amazing! It is unusual at my stage of life to come across something that is unusual, exciting, stimulating and absolutely new. But yesterday I did. Thanks again, I hope to see Rosemarie soon.

Iris has a lovely, warm personality and is very easy to talk to and she made me feel at ease straight away. Great genuine personality with a sense of humor, and very sexy… Services, Meeting and Personality Score: 9/10.

This was my third meeting with Aanisah, and it just keeps getting better. She is very open and genuine person, and she always has time for a relaxed chat prior to the massage if I wish. She always makes it very easy to feel comfortable in her presence. Since my last visit with Aanisah, she seems to have learnt a few extra things that are very sensual and exciting. I think it’s called closer cleansing.

Updated Testimonials - June 2011

I’ve been wanting to leave a review since my visit, but have had trouble finding the words to describe how WOW the time I spent with Chameli. I must admit I find myself thinking of that time files fast and getting lost in those fantastic feelings. Next time, I will definitely book a 2 hours session as the 1 hour just flew by.

Updated Testimonials - May 2011

Alina encourages me to be vocal or groan at appropriate moments to let her know how it’s getting on. She was able to vary the pace and regularly switched between a more deep tissue massage and lighter movements. This is the ultimate self-indulgence for any erotic desired guys.

Updated Testimonials - April 2011

As promised, it didn't take too long to relax and I was more comfortable with the whole tantric thing than I expected to be. The peak was much better than I expected, sort of deeper, fuller and longer than usual, and the tantric therapist, Melanie’s ability to control the timing was spot on too. The experience of pleasure without the pressure to reciprocate was extremely enjoyable and relaxing.

Updated Testimonials - March 2011

One of the most erotic and pleasing massages I experienced after so many business trips to Singapore - with plenty of focus with the bum and balls.

Marissa certainly knows how to keep the pot boiling, bringing the massage to a whole new level.

The closer cleansing ritual really sets the relaxed tone for the rest of the appointment. Faith is well trained to all the buttons and muscles, sensually cleansing my polluted body. I wished I had added the lingam combo to experience the absolute.

Updated Testimonials - February 2011

Thank you so much for yesterday's amazing experience. I believed what was written on your website, but I wasn't convinced that the professionalism of massage can be done in a hotel room. Yet that's exactly what did happen, and I will call again if I am short of time to a spa.

Good full body massage from Makayla and I can honestly say it was one of the most erotic I have received in Singapore. She did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and relaxed. Makayla also does her job in a very professional manner and attitude.

Updated Testimonials - January 2011

Excuse me for not sending you this testimonial sooner. The massage was good but I think your therapists are a bit stress out. I think they are worried that the client will not enjoy himself.